Welcome back to Storybeater, a podcast for writers, hosted by Anthony Falcone and Andrew Wheeler.


In this special episode Anthony and Andrew discuss some of their major storytelling influences from the world of cinema. In the course of the hour-long conversation they discuss Ray Harryhausen, Star Wars, The Godfather, movie musicals, Alfred Hitchcock, and much more! It's writing advice direct from the silver screen -- from some of the greatest storytellers the medium has to offer!

As ever, Anthony and Andrew also open the show by discussing what they're writing -- and close by talking about what they're reading. This week they talk about the affecting narrative of Left Behind, a DLC episode of the video game The Last of Us; and finding humanity in the characters of the Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black. You can read Andrew's essay on the uncharacteristic faulire of OITNB character Larry over at his Tumblr page.

Find Anthony online at Comic Book Daily or on Twitter: @afalconewriter.

Find Andrew at Comics Alliance or on Twitter: @wheeler. Listen to Andrew's audio adventure serial Valentin & The Widow at his website:

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